Our customers love us, and we love to hear from them, too!  Here are just a few letters we receive on our services at Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort.

This is a GREAT resort!  Max loves it there!  They are very attentive and loving.  We can go away knowing he is well cared for!


-Kathleen Reznick

We wouldn't take our dog anywhere else now that we've found Paws Here Awhile!  Love the staff!  We put our dog in the Condo Room so he has more play time, more outside time, and more dogs to play with.  He is there on vacations several times a year and we never worry about him.

-Lori Hawthorne

Amazing facility with a wonderful staff.  Was not from the area, but made a special trip.  Super easy to find with GPS, but they've got signs on the road if you get close.  Definitely recommend!

-Robert Fisher 

If you are looking for a great place to board your dog or cat, I highly recommend Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort.  It's a wonderful place for your pet.  No cages or kennels; they have actual rooms.  Go for a tour and check it out!


-Bonnie Magdalene

 I picked up Lady couple of weeks ago after vacation, and as always, she was well groomed, happy, not stressed, and obviously well cared for. Before I started bringing her to your resort, I toured and interviewed many places. Some I asked how they could even be licensed to do business.  Then yours was recommended by my vet. I was very impressed by the place, rooms, and the cleanliness of the resort, and the fenced yard for exercise; and most especially by the friendliness of the staff. I came away with a positive feeling.  I also like the fact that she is not caged all day, and gets the chance to make new friends.

I have recommended Paws Here Awhile to many of my clients who are  in the same situation I was. Now I don't stress about her care and well-being, I don't stress now when I leave her, even though I miss her terribly. Your staff is patient too, with my every other day phone calls.

Thanks for all the care and love she gets.

You can feel free to have anyone call me for a recommendation.


-Linda Romanelli

Thank God for Paws Here Awhile. I would never be able to travel without you. Thank you for always taking such good care of my boy!

-Samantha Bushman

 It's a wonderful kennel.  Madison loves it here!  The staff loves your pet as much as you do!!!!  They make your pet's stay comfy and fun.  Owners never need to worry while they are away from their furry family member!  Madison, my collie, is groomed here.  She always looks fabulous!

-Tiffany Chrisman

 If I had paws, I would love to stay awhile.

-Celia Janosik

I just wanted to let you know that when we boarded Dori with you I was a nervous parent, but when I would call you every other day I calmed down.  We liked the Resort and Dori was taken care of very well.  Thank you Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort!

-Norma Wodnicki

I HIGHLY recommend Paws Here Awhile!  The staff is really friendly, very helpful with pet care information AND they take very good care of your pet!  I won't take my dog anywhere else-- even driving past another kennel that is closer to my house-- because I am confident in Paw Here Awhile's care of my Oreo.

-Julianne Molinari

Your pet may not want to leave.

-Elaine Zombek Rossi

316 Noll Road
Georgetown, PA 15043

P: 724-573-4665

F: 724-573-0230